Chilled meats air transport at your disposal is an air transport from Uganda of temperature-sensitive cargo that keeps it controlled during all flights.

We carry your chilled meat at temperatures between about -1,5°C and +5°C.

For chilled beef our upper limit is 0°C. And our delivery air of chilled meat is never lower than -1,4°C.

Cool-Chilled Meat

Jet Fresh Cargo Uganda offers refrigerated containers for cargo transportation.

Jet Fresh Cargo Uganda uses Opticooler and Envirotainer systems to regulate temperatures and maintain cargo quality.

The freezing temperatures of the moisture in beef cuts (formation of ice crystals) generally range around –1,7°C, although this is dependent on the chemical constitution of the meat.

Well-vacuumed chilled meats

We keep chilled meats kept below -1.4°C and in a continuous cooling chain to maintain quality and prevent physical damage such as blood loss, discoloration, and spoilage.

Red meat and poultry are very perishable raw materials.

We offer the best commercial practice (strictly hygienic slaughtering, rapid cooling, vacuum packing, and storage at super chill; -1 ± 0,5°C).

Our maximum life achievable for your red meat is approximately 20 weeks.

The most important single factor governing microbial growth is temperature. Since the higher the temperature the greater the rate of growth.

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