Why choose Jet Fresh Cargo for the air transport of perishable cargo?

  • Jet Fresh Cargo is the ideal solution for carrying any type of cargo that needs to remain, for a limited period of time, at constant temperature levels — positive as well as negative (from -25ºC to +25ºC).
  • Jet Fresh Cargo's air transport of perishable cargo is specifically designed to optimize the life of your products, regardless of the desired international destination.
  • Your cargo reaches its destination in excellent condition — whether it be chilled meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables, flowers, liquids, or any perishable products that require strict temperature control and specific care.

Jet Fresh Cargo is proud to support Uganda’s largest Slaughterhouse by delivering chilled beef, goat, and sheep (PEM) fresh meat in great condition, which attests to the credibility of the service and the trust of Clients.