Export Sourcing

Nowadays, working with an African sourcing/fulfillment company or agent is a developing method of importing from Africa. The method is the same in countries like China, UAE, Egypt, and others with either language, cultural, or business barriers.

This may be an African Farmer/Processor looking to export their goods overseas, or a foreign company sourcing in Africa and wanting to export worldwide.

Jet Fresh Cargo supports the ‘Proudly Made in Africa’ campaign. We reject ridiculous commission/service rates and enforce an anti-bribery policy.

Key service elements:

  • Negotiate prices
  • Reliable sourcing
  • Quality control
  • Export preparations
  • Export documentation
  • Air cargo

African countries which Jet Fresh Cargo can provide reliable export sourcing/fulfillment:

  • Uganda
  • Ethiopia
  • Sudan
  • Egypt

We sincerely believe by providing a transparent and reliable export fulfillment service, import customers will profit and grow and in turn trust will develop and partnerships

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