How does Jet Fresh Cargo process the air transport of perishable cargo?

  • Refrigerated trucks at exporters request, collect cargo from Slaughterhouse, Farm or Origin warehouse to Entebbe International Airport (EBB). Truck temperature is set dependent on type of cargo carried.
  • Upon arrival EBB cargoes are swiftly screened and built-up onto suitable ULDs.
  • ULDs are pre-prepared with Plastic Sheeting and/or Alu-foil and/or Blackout material and/or whatever materials necessary depending on cargo type.
  • ULDs are then stored in Cold Room at correct temperature until flight touch-down.
  • We ensure that the aircraft's temperature retention settings are monitored throughout the flight and that all quality and safety parameters are strictly followed.
  • At destination, we work with GHAs and Area/Airport Offices to facilitate Direct Delivery, where possible.
  • Reefer Dollies if available at destination are deployed from Ramp to Cold Room.
  • To preserve your cargo properties, Jet Fresh Cargo utilizes Cold Rooms at Bole (ADD), Sharjah (SHJ), and Cairo (CAI) suitable for perishable products. All facilities used provide the guarantee of excellent storage conditions. 
  • For good order, we also request PODs at destination for both Exporter and Importer peace of mind.

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