1. Jet Fresh Cargo Uganda's air transport of perishable cargo is specifically designed to optimize the life of your products, regardless of the desired international destination.
  2. With Jet Fresh Cargo Fruits and Vegetables, your cargo reaches its destination in excellent condition | whether it be food, flowers, liquids, or any perishable products that require strict temperature control and specific care.
  3. To this end, we ensure that the aircraft's temperature retention settings are monitored throughout the flight and that all quality and safety parameters are strictly followed.
  4. Jet Fresh Cargo Uganda is proud to support some of the world's largest producers and retailers by providing them with perishable products in great condition, which attests to the credibility of the service and the trust of Clients.

How does Jet Fresh Cargo Uganda process the air transport of perishable cargo?

  • Jet Fresh Cargo Uganda exclusively uses refrigerated lorries to transport perishable cargo by air, based on client requests. The lorries travel between aircraft holds and perishable goods movement centers throughout Europe.
  • Throughout the flight, the temperature of the aircraft is closely monitored to ensure that your cargo remains in optimal condition. To accomplish this, the cargo is transported directly to airside facilities, which reduces transit time.
  • In addition to monitoring, Jet Fresh Cargo Uganda partners with facilities for processing and packaging perishable products in multiple locations.

We provide air transport of perishable cargo with strict temperature monitoring during all flights. Thus, we ensure that all perishable products reach their destination in perfect condition.

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