We offer secure and dependable air travel for animals, customized to their individual requirements while complying with safety regulations.

Why choose Jet Fresh Cargo Uganda for the air transport of animals?

  • Jet Fresh Cargo Live provides air transport solutions for all types of animals, including pets and wild animals. Pet transport has specific requirements, with minimum age being 12 weeks for most destinations, and 10 weeks for transport to the Azores, Madeira, and Spain. We prioritize animal welfare in all our services.
  • We adhere to IATA regulations for animal air transport and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.
  • Since 2015, Jet Fresh Cargo has prohibited the shipment of animal trophies, laboratory animals, and any part of animals that appear on the list of "Endangered Animals", as freight. In 2017, Jet Fresh Cargo became a signatory of the Buckingham Palace Declaration which aims to reduce the illegal trade of wildlife, following 2016 IATA’s AGM Resolution unanimously endorsed, denouncing the illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products, and pledging to partner with government authorities and conservation organizations in the fight against the trafficking of protected species.
  • The transport of shark fins from any species is not allowed on all Jet Fresh Cargo flights.

How does Jet Fresh Cargo Uganda process the air transport of animals?

  1. Our goal is to provide the best conditions possible for each animal, regardless of type or size, and to ensure as little noise and disturbance as possible. This operation is carried out by a dedicated team of qualified and attentive animal handlers.
  2. Because they lower blood pressure, especially at high altitudes, Jet Fresh Cargo Live does not use tranquilizers or sedatives, because they lower blood pressure, especially at high altitudes, which can be fatal for animals when traveling in an aircraft cargo hold.
  3. Air transport of domestic animals (Cats, Dogs, and Ferrets)
  4. We are an airline that safely transports pets to most international and domestic destinations in our network. The animals are taken to the aircraft shortly before departure in order to minimize stress and unnecessary worry.

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